Your Peeps

The people I have in my life are there because of who they are. It is their character, their unique outlook on life, their personality and I know that they will call me out on my shit. These peeps are not always around, some don’t event live in the same city, province or country. I may not even speak with them every day. One thing I do know is that they are always there. Its one phone call or text or msg and BOOM!

The thing with these peeps is that they will tell you how it is, you may not like what it is that they tell you, it may event hurt a bit. What makes these people very special is that they are there for you after! They might have to kick your ass to get you on track but they will also grab your hand and pick you up and walk with you to this new place. I love these people for this reason, I know they respect me and love me enough to do this.

When one of your peeps tell you things especially if its not great, think of how hard it was for them. This was not easy for them they love and respect you; that’s why they are tell you and they may struggle to do this cause they know you and how you may react. I admire and respect my peeps for this reason. I couldn’t ask for anything else from them except for this.

Your peeps are not only there to tell you when your full of it, they are there to lift you to new levels. They know when you need a pick me up! they don’t just tell you fufu shit to make you feel better, they make you see why you are the thing they say you are!

This is a short one today but please if your someones peeps never stop calling them out on their shit but also never stop lifting them up to the sky. Respect and admiration will always be there for the one who can tell you something and hold your hand through it!



Thank you to my peeps, love all of you!

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