Life Will Change

Life is full of changes whether you’ve made the changes or you are dealing with the changes.

When you don’t have control over the changes in your life or the changes are not in your favor. Its seems like the world is against you, we start to think that maybe there is something wrong with us or are we cursed. You end up looking at your self in a diminished way or with low self-worth. Then someone tells you to look on the bright side! or things happen for a reason! the first thing you want to do is punch them in the face! WTF! I feel like my world is crumbling and you want me too look on the bright side? Maybe you don’t want to? Maybe you like to wallow in your misery? Maybe you are punishing yourself?

Why? why do we do this? you have achieved so much to this point in your life and you want to throw that away cause something didn’t go right? That is life, things will always happen. Its how you deal with them that matters. How you acknowledge the emotions and feelings that you have. How you let them affect you NOW, right now. You want to know how to deal with the changes in life . . . . . accept that change will happen. I am not saying accept everything that happens to you, accept the change or event. Then decide how you move forward.

I am like most people I have had my life change for the good and bad. I have self wallowed, sulked in my misery and totally punished myself. Looking back I have missed so much of my life cause I was trapped in my own “poor little Corey world”. To achieve so much in my life big and small and to forget that or push it aside is just dumb!

To be mindful of the changes that you have no control over and how they affect you is important. Your emotions are  very powerful recognising when they surface will help you deal with the changes. Only when you can recognise that change is inevitable is when you can accept it or change it.

Change isn’t bad, if you live your whole life and change nothing I mean nothing, ever. Have you really lived? or have you just gone through the motions? Have you ever seen someone and said ‘wow’ look at what they are doing or where they are and say I could never do that! I don’t think anything pisses me off more than hearing people say that! What is stopping you from being happy and making the change. You will think of a million reasons of why you cant do this or that. Don’t be afraid to fail! If you have learned something, anything from a failure. is it really a failure? Do you know how truly powerful you are, you can do anything you want! go anywhere you want! be anything you want! All you have to do is work hard and accept the CHANGE that’s needed to do what you want. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, just make the change take the chance!

Amazing things come from change, your whole life can be different you can be happy.

Being happy is worth the change.


3 thoughts on “Life Will Change”

  1. You know I have read and re-read so many books, change your attitude, change your life, affirmations for today, be careful what you pray for…on and on. I must tell you that your words have affected me more than anything. I think it is because as a mother when you suffered, I suffered. The maternal connection is EXTREMLY deep. So when I see you turn a page in your life that is so beautiful my spirit is lifted. You are helping so many others while helping yourself. You fill me with so much love Corey….XOXOXOXO

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