Circle of Trust, Focker!

Have you looked around to see who is in your life? Are they lifting you up or are they keeping you down? Do they belong in your circle of trust or are they all just a bunch of fockers!(puny)

As I head on this journey I have paid attention to the people around me and that group is getting smaller and smaller. I am not becoming a crazy recluse, I am just surrounding my self with people who lift me, that will support me, that fuel my passions and ideas no matter how crazy they seem. So many people want to keep you down with out event knowing that they are doing it. You have an idea and they tell you that its dumb or no one will like it or any type of negative comment. Maybe they think that they are protecting you from pain or protecting them selves or trying to control you. This just builds frustration and anxiety. I have people in my life that do everything to support me to build me up and I do the same for them. This is true and call it love, friendship or brotherhood. I don’t care to label it. It is amazing to feel like this, to have people around you like this. When you find those people you won’t have to work to keep them they will just always be there. If you do lose them it was cause you were an ass. Hopefully soon you realize that those people will still be there with open arms and you know that they will never hold the past over you or throw it in your face. Run to them! those people are rare!

The people in my life now have one expectation of me, to be the best me I can and they support me, they encourage me. It is a small group of peeps but really what more do you need? Do you want to have lots and lots of people in you life that really don’t give a crap about you or what you do? Those people are just useless Fockers!

Sometime the hardest thing is to drop people in your life that you know are keeping you down. They could be general people you know, friends you’ve had for years or even that person sleeping beside you. But if these people really do love you or want the best for you they shouldn’t keep you down or put you down. Less is more in this case, I would rather have the small amount of people in my life then a busy social calendar full of Fockers.

Open your eyes and see who is there, really there! You control your day, how you feel and how you react. Why wouldn’t you want people around you that make you feel good and encourage you to be better and push harder and to chase your dreams!

Good Night!

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