How is it that sometimes you just want to snap! Lose IT! freak out and scream! or run to a dark room and cry? It feels like you’re possessed maybe your head will spin all the way around and projectile vomit comes shooting out! Sounds gross but so is what we do our selves every day by not having control of our emotions and feelings. Either certain people or situations get us so worked up. In a split second your saying whatever hurtful or mean thing you can, trying so hard to be right or more sneaky in what you say to trap someone so you can call them out on it. Your not a mean or cruel person, you just have no control. When someone hurts us we feel such an urge to hurt back, this is where the challenge comes in. Almost every situation when someone says something hurtful to you it is because they are jealous of you, see you as a threat or they are hurting inside. If you just stop for a split second and think about that, the situation or about how to reply you might not regret what comes out of your mouth. This is becoming such a cruel society, and people lack any and all depth in them selves, so in order to feel anything good besides the ever fading euphoric feeling of materialistic possessions, people go to the next easiest thing, be hurtful and cruel to make them selves feel good or to fill  void they have.  Just remember it’s never to late to say your sorry.

Your head is a crazy place, that little voice, it can be your best friend or worst enemy. It’s a strange thing that you can convince yourself that you can’t do something. That little voice will tell you that you are not smart enough, not strong enough, nobody wants to see you succeed or you’re not worthy. That little voice will tell you to stop! You have to look deep inside and figure out that YOU are that voice YOU control what you think how you think. That little voice is just a spoiled child, its your job to control that child and direct that child. Everyday challenge that voice. To challenge your self in your head.

Have you decided to take on something new, a new years resolution, a project at home or maybe what I’m doing a self-awareness project. How do you do this? where do you start? lets look at your day shall we. Your daily routine which we all love to do, we get up shower, brush our teeth and get ready for our day maybe get the kids ready for school. Come home, spend time with loved ones, eat, watch TV, surf social media, go to sleep and repeat! Sounds like a very busy day how could you ever fit anything else into it? You know how it feels when you sleep through your alarm and your whole day is spent chasing time that you lost!!!! This is why most new challenges fail. You need to make time for what you want, don’t jam more things into your day. You will end up neglecting something. You need to focus, you need to understand that it’s not easy. Others around you wont understand why you’re doing this, you may disconnect with people who don’t understand your challenge. Remember that you are worth the challenge you have taken on, you are doing this for you. How bad do you want to accomplish this new challenge, do you really want it or do you just kind of want it? Are you willing to reorganize your daily routine, this might even affect someone else’s routine. Today we are so addicted to a quick fix for everything, lose weight by taking a pill! 20 minutes or its free! surgery and injections to look like the people you idolize! brides on-line! Challenge yourself to earn everything, the only thing in life you deserve is what your earn!!!!!Whatever it is you want is not going to be handed to you, you have to get up, move your ass! and work hard to get it. The recipe is simple, work hard, never give up and you will be successful.



Finnish Word, meaning ultimate determination, strength and fortitude, carried to an unfathomable level.











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