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Its been a while since I sat down and did some bloggin. I have managed to fill every spare moment I have with something. When I started this blog it was to find out what makes me happy and what is happiness, I didn’t think I would avoid blogging. I have enjoyed every moment of writing, the fun, the thought put behind it, how I opened up with me and it truly is what I believe. I have had thousands of views and comments, which is really cool! I hope that people who have read this somehow connected with it or had the option to see their life in a different way.

But. . . . .  I suck at listening to me! I am now really looking at changing my life again. I have been doing so much, 4 jobs from teaching fitness, nutrition, my regular job and starting a business. This is too much. how am I supposed to find me or how am I supposed to search for what happiness is.

This isn’t a poor me thing, this is an amazing discovery! this shows me that I can still change, I am always moving forward and learning about myself. I have read and re-read my blog over the last couple of days and discovered that this blog is doing what is was meant to do. To make me think!

I want to discover who is Corey, I cant do that with every moment filled with jobs and commitments. So its time for me to find me, to spend time with me. I have made a decision and I am devoting my self to a monastery and becoming a monk. Wish me luck.

Totally kidding!

What I am doing is taking the steps necessary to evaluate my life, to make more time for me! To not say yes to every request I have. Make time to just be! I am nervous about this, cause I have worked so many jobs for so long, it will be weird to slow down. I will be able to evaluate what my life is. I get so pumped up about life and how you can control how you live! No one else has any control over you or what you do or how happy you can and should be. You want to be something or feel something different then just do it! what are you waiting for someone to give you permission.

This is me tell me to get off me ass and change something! People tell me all the time that it must be nice to be able to make a decision and change, or I have lots of will power. I don’t! I am that same as you. I am no different then you, I just know that when the day comes and I am dying I don’t want to look back and say I should have lived differently. The only regret you should have about the past is if you weren’t smart enough to learn from it!

This is my time! This is my life! I can do anything I want to. I just have to decide how badly I want it!

I will be back and more often!

Live your life!

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  1. The only regret you should have is that you posted something with such terrible grammar. My god, you should be embarrassed.

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